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Originally Posted by OrangeHelmet View Post
well i suppose its all down to which team you follow. in the US or UK. Redskins and Cowboys are gonna say its their rivalry.
Niners and Rams rivalry goes back to when the Rams were in LA Etc .Etc.Etc
But being a Browns fan ( even if i live in the UK ) i hate Steelers !! and always look forward to Beating them . having said that they didnt steal our team away ( pardon the pun ) so i also hate the Ravens just as much.......
Yes on a personal level it is about who you follow,for the masses in the States it's always been Bears-Packers and the Cowboys-Redskins.They also garner the highest ratings on tv when they play which is telling sign and they are always the national games being televised in all markets along with the local team.
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