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Originally Posted by Lancashire Bengal View Post
It is speculated that Robert Quinn could rise up the board.

Carson has really messed us around here so we might have no choice but to take a QB at 4. (Probably Newton)

Saying that I would be quite pleased if we picked up Fairley at pick 4 and grabbed Mallet in the second round or even Dalton in a later round.

If we go for a rookie QB we will almost certainly need to sign a free-agent QB until the rookie beds in.

A CB is a silly pick for us at 4. With Hall and Joseph a cornerback would not be a wise pick so high up.
I am not saying CB is a good pick. I just would prefer Peterson to any of the QB's at 4.

They would be crazy to invest a 1st round pick in a QB with the Plamer situation up in the air.
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