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Hello all,

You'll all be thrilled to know that I've finally gotten around to organising page 1 with the list of teams in each league for next year!!! I can't believe we are entering our 7th season of running this league!!

Please take the time to have a quick check of page 1 to make sure you're in the right league and I've got your team name right etc. I'm fairly certain I've gotten everyone in the right league... but I got a bit confused with who was which team in League 2. I think I've got it all right... but let me know if anything is wrong.

Is it worth putting whether everyone has confirmed or not??? Or is there a way of confirming via the FF website? As the teams have automatically been re-added to the league on (with the exception of the promoted teams), is there a way of knowing who is returning on there? I'm just concerned that it might be hard to tell if we have any no-shows?

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