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Default Training Camp

I don't think a thread exists that is solely devoted to news in and around Training Camp (and the Pre Season), so thought I'd create one as it's usually an interesting time.

So to kick things off...............Jeremy Mincey is apparently looking for a new deal, and according to Ian Rapaport, is willing to holdout during Camp in the hope of getting one. He was a key piece of the defence last year, and he's only being paid $1.7m in 2015, the last year of his 2 year deal.

His contribution last year was worth more than he was paid, but the fact we've retooled the DE position, combined with his age, he's 32 in December, makes it a tricky situation for both team and player.

Perhaps they look to give him an extra year with some new guaranteed money as a 'reward' for his performance last year, but I expect Mincey is looking longer term all things considered.

Whatever happens, not exactly a welcome piece of news to kick Camp off.
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