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I've posted this a few times before but I don't mind repeating myself as it is a bit amusing.

Basically the seeds were subliminally sown when I was a kid watching the Simpsons, specifically an episode called "You only move twice", where a running gag through the episode is how Homer's lifetime ambition is to own the Dallas Cowboys... Long story short, he ends up receiving ownership of the Denver Broncos which he pretty much disregards because they are deemed to be awful.

*Interesting fact however, the Broncos went on to win Superbowl XXXII just 3 months after that episode initially aired. So yeah.

Anyway, it didn't really take any effect until my mate picked up Madden '03 on the PS2, and we used to play it every time I saw him. He picked the Patriots as his team because they were the best on the game that year, and as the two team names I recognised were the Broncos and Cowboys, I decided to pick the Broncos as they were in my eyes seen as the Underdogs. (Although at the time, I think they were probably better than the Cowboys).

The next year I started watching the highlight shows that I think were on ITV2 that year? The following year, 2005, The Broncos got all the way to the AFC Championship game to play the Steelers, who eventually went onto win Superbowl XL. That was the first Superbowl I watched in it's entirety and loved it. From there it pretty much became my favourite sport overnight. I ordered my customised Jersey a few weeks later and haven't missed a Broncos game since.

So yeah, bit of a contrived reason, but still, unwavering loyalty to a team sometimes does come about in the weirdest of ways!
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