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I am a product of The International Series.

For the first game the Dolphins done a lot of work with my company as did NFLUK to promote the game, Cheerleader workshops, Nat Moore delivering a coaching session with local young people. And they also taught us how to coach flag football, I started off very cynical as I was ignorant to the game but instantly fell in love.

The way the Dolphins organisation handled themselves whilst over here and how they really got involved within the local community left an impression on me. Since then we have worked with a number of the other organisations and none have lived up to the Dolphins in my opinion.

Another big factor is that I always wanted to go to Miami, something that became reality this year when I went to Sun Life to watch the Phins get trounced by the Titans. And again everything the phins done on gameday was amazing as were the fans I came in to contact with. Two whom 'hosted' us by buying our beers all day and then taking us to the bars they own for more free food, more beer and a free ride back to south beach so me and my friend could continue the party.

I can't wait to go back to the states in October (sandwiched between the 2 IS games)
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