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I'd prefer to keep Colledge as Lang's been working out at tackle and McDonald hasn't been with us a for very long. However as you say Colledge wants a bigger contract, Thompson will have to weigh up his reliablity and knowledge of the offence against the two backups potential.

My only problem with Spitz is, do we have a future centre? Scott Wells does a great job with protection that helps Rodgers out pre-snap. Do we have anyone good enough to back him up? Dietrich-Smith has had praise, McDonald is also listed as a G/C.

With Starks and Grant we have two fine RBs, but Jackson is such a great blocker/receiver it would be difficult to let him walk. However I can't see any other option as being the third string back is not what Jackson wants.

Jones will be back, the guy makes mistakes but then perhaps a new WR coach can help get rid of the drops.

I think you're right with Donald Lee, he would need to be a S.T's ace to be worth sticking around.

Tauscher is a tricky one, but they let him walk before and I think they'll do it again. He's struggled with injury and I can't see him sitting on the bench. We do need another good tackle though, so unless the Draft is fruitful things get a little thin depth-wise.

Driver's starting to struggle with injuries but I think he's still got a good part to play in the offence. Definatley keep him on.
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