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Originally Posted by mde203 View Post
If anyone's interested, here's my first mock of the year...

Will probably produce about five or six before the draft. All comments welcome and responded to
Nice mock, I'd be estatic if we got those two in the 1st, however i've got a feeling that it's going to be incredibly frustrating draft because the best players at the positions of need will be off the board just a few positions in front of us, leaving us picking Jenkins at 17 and Lamar Miller at 21.

Then in the 2nd round still needing a Guard, I can see the second tier Guards being snapped up before we pick, Brandon Washington, Kelechi Osemele and Kevin Zeitler.

I've convinced myself that if DeCastro hasn't already gone by the time Dallas pick at 14, they will take him.

I think you've got something there with the Browns picking Tannehill, I was listening to a podcast earlier this week (couldn't say which one it was, i listen to, to many of them). But they quoted someone from the Browns coaching staff who said they were very high on Tannehill.

You mentioned you thought that RGIII would go 2nd or 3rd pick overall via trade, I agree and i think it wiil be Washington who will trade up.

Bold prediction on Stephon Gilmoure in the top 10, i just can't see him taken ahead of Kirkpatrick.

Also you got both LB's from Alabama going in the 20's, after the Championship game they had, I can see both going in the top 20.

Look forward to seeing your next mock

I might try one myself as we get nearer to the draft.
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