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Originally Posted by Bretts View Post
I just think plenty of teams are unwilling to use a 1st rounder on a RB. Unless its an Adrian Peterson sure thing RB then I 'm not sure teams will pull the trigger in the top 10 on him.

Mark Ingram hasn't exactly lit up the Saints running game has he.
Funny you say that, the Saints have no first round pick and a plentiful stock of good RB's, and we have an extra first round pick and a strong need at RB. If we get caught between players we rate and needs we have perhaps the Bengals could consider trading one of our first rounders (+ a deeper pick) for a RB and a deal that would benefit both teams.

They've done well drafting in the top 3 rounds recently, so if there's no value in round 1 I'd be happy to do a sensible deal.
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