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Originally Posted by ScrGoatum View Post
Evening Bruce.

I haven't posted for a while but I'm back now so you've finally got the only other UK Browns fan to have a moan with. My thoughts:

- Wide receivers have been awful this season

- That said, Kizer had made some peculiar decisions. That's to be expected of a rookie and I think benching him is for the best. Worst comes to worst, we are back in the same position and we draft Darnold or Rosen in April.

- I really thought that this could be a 4-6 win season but two of those are games that we have lost already. This is clearly going to be a long, LONG term project and we need to stick with the boys.

- I feel like a positive season now would be us getting the win on the final day at Baked Bean field to send Big Ben into retirement
That would indeed be the dream scenario. The only game I couldn't find myself being a gracious loser in was the Steelers game. The only better scenario would be if our 'win' resulted in them being knocked out of the playoffs as well
I agree with you on the WRs. I keep scanning the internet to see if Josh has been reinstated. For sure, they would now jump at the chance of him in light of the performances this season. I agree with giving Hogan the nod and really think Hue's hand was forced given his job security. I really would like him to get at least 3 years but preferably 4 . Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much good will is to be had.
Have you been in touch with Browns Backers about the fan night on the eve of Vikings game?
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