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Great reading Liam, been really looking forward to seeing your rankings and so interesting to see it as positional rankings going a little deeper than a top 100. Had a few comments/questions, could talk with you about it for much longer but tried to keep it short!

I didn't have a big difference between Lock, Haskins and Murray, but you've got Lock number one - what do you like about him above the others?

Love that you've had the courage to go with Henderson number two on RB list, I love him and probably chickened out of putting him a bit higher - what do you like about him? But no Singletary in the top ten was interesting - what makes you lower on him? Suppose a similar question with Marquise Brown albeit in your WR top ten?

Where would you slot some of the interior linemen in an overall list? There seems to be consensus that a lot will go in the first round - I've struggled with it but just can't put a first round grade on lots of them. Also Sam Mustipher is a guy who was under my cut-off so haven't watched him - what's to like there?

Where's the biggest drop-off in talent for you with the edge-rushers?

With you massively on Chauncey Gardner Johnson at the top of the safety list, love him - but Abram is quite low would be interested to hear what you had to say about both those two?

Anyway, love the list mate and as DueSouth said, like how bold and different your lists are!
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