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Originally Posted by trains1995 View Post
The thing that's really annoyed me, besides the free for all, is that now I'm hearing reports that minutes after tickets were purchased, then they were turning up on third party site for grossly inflated prices. The whole system has fallen into the hands of touts and get rich quick merchants who have no interest in the game. The authorities are doing nothing to stop this and it's loyal fans like us that suffer. They should cancel those tickets and resale them to genuine fans. The number of times I've been to the Wembley games and have been accosted by touts, in full view of the police, and nothing was being done. I thought this thing was illegal. The NFL and NFLUK should hang their heads in shame, but they won't while it means killing the cash cow. It's time for devoted fans to stand up and shout enough. Our loyalty can only go so far.
I believe touting is only illegal for football.

As for cash cow, how is the NFL making money from touts?
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