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Originally Posted by Ramsio View Post
Although a great player calls for his number to be retired, and a place in Canton are a bit premature.

His stints at the Redskins and Jets shouldn't count against him (but will) as really the Dolphins twice wanted rid, but twice came crawling back, and to his credit held no ill will to the franchise.

I feel Canton is out of reach and do feel strongly against #99 being retired. If thats the case retire #54 as well. Zach Thomas is as much an integral part of recent Dolphins history as JT
I agree that his number shouldn't be retired... that should only be reserved for the elite of the elite. ...But there is no question he has a great chance at the HoF. 6th all-time in sacks. That stat alone automatically puts him in the running.

When you than add some of his other stats.... Especially 46 FF and 29 FR, 8 INTs and 9 TDs. The FF and FRs are astonishing figures. The TDs and INTs don't necessarilly look astonishing, but they are very impressive for a player that spent most of his career playing DE.

Compare his numbers to Michael Strahan (a player most people considder to be a lock for Canton). Strahan has just 2.0 sacks more. He only has 4 INTs, 3 TDs, 24 FF and 15 FRs. Strahan has a couple more sacks... but when you compare those other big play/game changing numbers, Taylor is dominating him, with almost double the numbers. ...Those stats really highlight how JT had a knack for making the big game changing play, by causing or forcing turnovers.

Then add 7 pro bowls, 3 times 1st team all-pro, and a defensive player of the year (all similar to Strahan also). To me, all those things add up to a Hall of Fame resume. He won't be first ballot, but there is no doubt that he's going to get serious consideration at some point. It wouldn't be at all surprising to see him wind up in Canton some day.

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