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I think he'll get in, probably not a first timer, lack of any sort of playoff success could harm him though - exactly the same for Zach.

In terms of impact for the Fins I think they are about the same, but Taylor's stats are more impressive. Sadly I don;t think Zach will get in, but he's ahead of JT on my own personal all time Dolphins list.

As for JT, I absolutely loved him as a player throughout his career, and he's been around for the entire time I supported the Fins through the 2000s despite a bit of a lapse in my following of the sport in the late 90s.

His heartbreak sack celebration will always be one of my biggest memories of him, he was a superb player, athletic lightningly quick off the LoS, and an absolute terror for opposing OLs when he was on his game. Despite the slight up-and-down end to his career here (I was extremely annoyed at the Jets move), I'm ok with it now, a total and utter pro throughout, and an all time great Dolphin.
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