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It's crazy how much has changed in such a short time.

Hell, I remember Penn State being Independant.

I remember the old Southwest Conference which lasted 70+ years with no change:

What a joke that was. The football became really bad in the 70's/80's when all these little once powerful schools started to simply stink. Baylor, Rice, TCU, Texas Tech, Houston - I mean they used to really suck. Apart from SMU's pay for play rise with Eric Dickerson in the early 80's - it was Texas and Texas A&M winning the conference every year until its demise in the mid-90's.

I mean TCU won a conference title in 1959 and then didn't win another until 1994.

Rice won a conference title in 1957 and then didn't win another until sharing it with TCU in 1994.

Pretty pathetic. Houston won 4 Conference championships overall and Texas Tech won a whopping 2.

Pac 10 had some real dogs too. Oregon and Oreogn State were two of the worst programs in the nation for about 40 years. In 1995 the Ducks went to their first Rose Bowl (winner of the Pac 10) since 1957. Oregon State hasn't been to a Rose Bowl since 1965. At one time USC had won something like 32 straight games against Oregon State.

Funny how things change. There's so much more competition now because of the proliferation of TV. Now everyone is on you can play anywhere. It used to be 1 Pac 10 game of the week on TV and it was on Saturday afternoon and usually USC vs. somebody. So before scholarship limitations, USC would have would-be All-Americans standing on the sidelines who never saw the playing field - 100 plus guys. CFB was really dominated by the elite few who got the media attention and had the pedigree.

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