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I played a couple of hours at home, brushing up on skills mainly in the skills trainer, learning the new catching and throwing etc.

Then took turns on it at my mates house for a couple of hours after where we played the new draft champions.

As previous comments, the game looks better than last year (as you'd expect I suppose).
I like the new catch system, I found it a bit tempremental in practice mode though, if you so much as touch the left stick after making the throw it seemed like it wouldn't register the catch command and 4/10 the ball was just bouncing off the receivers head. It seemed to auto catch in games though so might just be a skills trainer thing (or lack of practice).

The draft champs mode seemed pretty cool. gotta give it more time, but it was quite fun and quick game to get into rather than the grind of MUT.

I read a lot of bugs in the CFM mode, my league isn't due to start for a couple of weeks yet, so might not touch on this for a while.

Plenty more to explore, so far it seems improved on last year!
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