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Yep, if you go back far enough on this thread you will see that I flagged the issue before the season started. I reported it, but they said they could not fix it. I gave up and purchased Chromecast (I now cast the NFL Gamepass App from my phone onto my TV).

Originally Posted by Lions_Fan View Post
Anyone having problems with NFL Gamepass Europe App on Xbox One, too?

The app does not start.
I can see the typical NFL Gamepass picture at startup, but then only a black screen ....

NFL Gamepass Europe really s***s ... the worst company ever.
Since 2,5 years only problems ...

Android App is working fine ...

After I unistalled the NFL Gamepass Europe Xbox One App ... I reinstalled it ... everything looks good ... then I was asked to login, login successfull and the app switches to a black screen ... wtf?
I know the problem with the black screen, that happens usually every day when I start the app for the first time ... but after two or three attempts it starts normally, but not today?

I have the same problem since weeks or let's say since months.
Since yesterday that screen occurs every time, before yesterday it helped to start the app several times ... but not anymore?
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