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Originally Posted by AZ View Post
Please dont take this the wrong way, but how long have you followed big red?

25 years following them tells me we dont beat the titans and bears by a combined score 83-3. If we are 6-4 i will be happy, 7-3 delighted.

I really feel we need to be 2 up on the Niners when we visit them. 10-6 wins us the West and will take that all day long....

Love good vibes coming from you though and welcome to the forums
agreed, love the optimism, but not convinced by the logic here. Panthers should be a win, but then it should have been a win when Testerverde came into that team last time around.

`Whilst the bears havn't looked great in recent weeks, Cutler can still be explosive on his day and that will be no easy game!

Seahawks, anything can happen in division games, glad it's at home, but if Hasselbeck is on fire we may struggle through that one

Rams, o.k, should win. No offence Lambs fans!
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