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Well Thomas is interesting. Luckily as an ACC player I know alot about him. He has all the tools and size. However he has played in an option offense. He hasn't really seen a lot of zone defenses and hasn't really had to run too many patterns. I do not exagerate when I say they literally throw the ball to a spot at GT and expected Thomas to pull it in. I think we picked him higher then needed. However if McD thinks his intelligence is there then fair enough. He is a hard worker and certainly a better prospect than Bryant.

Tebow in Round 1?? I think McD has a man crush!! I like Tebow. I love what he stands for, how he works and what he does for teammates. Also he is the perfect face of the franchise. It maybe the only 1st round QB pick that will work out well without him been a productive QB!! McD I am sure thinks he can work well with a raw QB. I like having him at Denver just not in the 1st round. Interestingly enough the Bills and Redskins were also ready to trade up.

We have enough picks and probably will trade around but a DB, MLB, C, G is still needed IMO
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