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If you consider the net effect of all the draft day trades the end result was as follows:

Denver gave away 1x 1st rounder, 1x 2nd rounder and 1x 4th rounder

Denver got 2 x 1st rounder and 1 x 3rd rounder

the other picks involved were aquired in trading down then traded away again.

We got a WR and QB (regarded as the best athlete in the draft) to go with the running back we took last year.

The QB can develop as Orton and Quinn run the show. Perhaps Orton can play a contract season and walk in free agency next year. Quinn was better value than Simms and provides a good back prospect and the potential to improve.
I see Brandstander sticking around to be the future Number 2 or 3 once Orton (and or Quinn) moves on.

Looking for Guard and centre in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and possibly a goal line power runningback/fullback.

Hope we get to see some Tebow magic at Wembly. The NFL must be over the moon with the PR he will generate when he comes over

How many trades on day 2 will McD make?

McD likes to trade up to get his guys
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