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Originally Posted by VABrit View Post
Thanks for your comments!! I am one Broncos fan who hopes Marshall works out in Miami!!
Having watched the McDaniels interview before the draft and the way he conducted the 1st round of this draft it is claear to see that McDaniels has a clear plan for the future and he is very passionate about it. It also seems that simply being a good player is not enough, you also must be a good citizen. This is such a refreshing change in American sports currently.

Yes, Denver may not win the Superbowl next year but they are going in the right direction and if McDaniels is given time you never know where he will take this team.

With 3 picks today hopefully help will come at OC or OG or S. I also would not be completely surprised if a RB was selected. Another player who could be of real interest is Dexter McCluster.
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