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Originally Posted by leebladedawg View Post
Im not sure Macca is the right man for Wolfsburg so not sure, i have a sneaky feeling for Stuttgart this year, wont win it but should push for Champion league. My team Kolns hope is to avoid relegation
I think McClaren is very good manager tbh. He was shcking for England but at club level he has a brilliant record. I think he'll do a good job with Wolfsburg.

As for Stuttgart I think it really depends on what happens between now and the start of the season. There is a lot of interest in Khedira and Tasci and if those two go I cannot see them challenging. They have three go forwards in Marica, Pogrebnyak and Cacau.

Marica is one of those players who I have been waiting to break out of his shell. I have friend who is a complete football nut, he's a pundit on Canadian TV but is from France and he watches more football than anyone I know. One of his personal favourites is Shakhtar and when Marica played there I recall him saying he thought he would be one of the better players in Europe, he finally showed something last season with I think 9 or 10 league goals and I don't think he started every game. I do have faith in this guy's judgement since I always remember a few players he tipped from eastern Europe who would be stars, and this was a long time ago now. They were Eduardo, Modric, Arshavin and Vidic! Not too shabby.
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