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Well, last night didnt add much too the debate on what will happen to Matt, however I do think it spoke volumes about who the team are supporting.

I actually feel for Leinart though. He came in and immediatley the O-lines game dropped. Sendelein, just stood there, blocking nobody on his 2nd play and watched somebody stroll by him to Matt. The guy who has been dropping nothing, Williams, dropped what would have been an 8 or 9 yard pass on his first throw. Now I am not saying that the receivers are deliberatley dropping catches by any means, however I am really not sure with the O-line, I honestly think they are stepping it up when Anderson is in.

Having said that, when matt dropped one off to Beanie out of the backfield and was immediatley tackled for no gain, Breaston was wide open, on the same side of the field as Beanie at the first down marker and didnt even look for him. You could see Breaston have a moan to himself, clearly not happy.

Anderson did look decent enough though. id say his only incomplete pass was on spach, he didnt seem ready for it, and would likely have been in for a touchdown.

The running game went nowhere again, Beanie picked up a knock, didnt look serious, but might not be good for the first week or two.

Washington was once again superb, his speed sideline to sideline speed is brilliant, tackling and decision making excellent. I have been so impressed with him, we could have one heck of a player on our hands there.

I think the starting D-line were solid, got a good sack that was overtunred by Campbell stepping offisde, but overall good. Im pretty happy with our D, so long as everyone stays fit.
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