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Originally Posted by packerfanmurray View Post
I would like to tell you the above statement is Riley's opinion. One I'm sure most Packer fans don't share. Also what is a Rex Ryan thread doing in the Packers section . There's a Jets section and a general NFL section. This has nothing to do with Green Bay...
I was a bit surprised to find this thread in the Packers section rather than the Patriots section or the Fins section. I didn't think we had any major problems with fans of the Pack, certainly not after the horrendous game we both played this year!

Originally Posted by Riley82
Its just when rex moans about woodson getting MVP for last season (defence) MVP
So really, a better post would have been "Is anyone fed up with Rex Ryan moaning about Defensive MVP last year?". Of course it would also help if you made the post at the time, rather than 6 months later. Also I don't think Rex moaned about Woodson at all. He just said he felt Revis should have won. To be honest, most coaches are going to back their guy to win it.

Originally Posted by wozzer
surely it should have been in the NFL secion so everyone on this site could have commented and not just Packers fans ?
And sharp-eyed Jets fans scrolling down to the Jets section

Anyway Packers fans, I think my job defending Sexy Rexy here is done. Best of luck to you for your game on Sunday (potentially one of the highlights of the season) and for the rest of the year. I'll leave you all in peace

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