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Originally Posted by mde203 View Post
There's a hell of a lot to know! I'll give it a go, get things started and then people can add to it as they see fit...
mde203 You are my new hero! Thanks for this info, exactly what I was after.

Now, to reading...

(ed.) Wow, that really is a fantastic overview. I just found the BCS site and the rankings, already this is making sense. I see all the Bowls are played early in January ending with the National Championship on the 10th. That's whole lot more football to look forward to!

So, after the National Championship it's the offseason...when does the College season begin?

As for MY team, I'll check out Stanford but I'm tempted to look beyond the West Coast so that I increase my chances of catching a game when visiting the states. I watched two Oregon teams go at it the other day, hmmm... now, where the hell is Oregon...?

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