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Originally Posted by OrangeHelmet View Post
Right ive joined Dave ,a couple of questions ... Whens the Draft ? , is there a set amount of money to spend ? And by looking at the site , do i play Lee 1st up? Also what part does 'pre-draft rankings' play?
The draft will be on a date that everyone agrees on, usually its on a weekend. There is no money, it works on the same principle as the college draft where you get to pick from list of players, so for example in a league of 12 if you have first pick then you could pick Brady anhd then with next pick you could pick up Braylon Edwards

I havent looked at who im up against first so it could be me, as for pre draft it just decides what order you pick in, unlike the proper draft your picks are usually changed after 1 or 2 round depending on size of group so if you had 1 pick in round 1 you may have 12 pick in round 3 so to stop someone picking up best players etc
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