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Originally Posted by go_browns! View Post
Thanks for joining Paul

There isn't a set amount of money, the players don't have a financial value.
The draft is planned for Saturday 6th August at 7pm.
There are a few players from outisde of the UK so I've tried to take into account the time differences (have a look at the 2011 Browns Fans League Draft story on the league homepage).

You do indeed play Lee first (It's about the only time in the next century that Sheffield Utd are gonna play City !! ).

As Lee said the pre-draft rankings just help you decide who you'd like to pick and in which order. It helps you to draft the players you want in case you can't make the draft (it's a little hit and miss though). I don't normally bother with it to be honest. The mock drafts on are a good way of getting used to how the draft works (click the draft centre tab at the top of the homepage). My draft strategy is just to wing it !!! I keep an eye on who's been drafted already and work out who I want from there.

Any more questions mate just fire away
So , How is it decided who picks 1st in round 1 ? , is the person chosen randomly ? , also if i get 1st or 2nd pick in round 1 , lets say Aaron Rodgers , will i , as lee says get a Duffer ' ( like Braylon ) in the next round?
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