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Originally Posted by go_browns! View Post
There are enough rounds to allow everyone to fill their roster. You can sign any undrafted players, so long as you drop a player to free up the roster spot. Each week you can also waive players, which basically means any players who aren't with a team can be picked up to replace a duffer who isn't bringing home the bacon (Robiskie ). You can also propose trades with other teams.

The draft has been set for Saturday 6th August at 7pm. We've got a few players from across the pond and one from Switzerland so I've had to take into account the time differences.

Sent everyone a Facebook message and I mentoned it on the league homepage

Well that's a good time to hold it, I mean 90% of people will be in at home on a sat night at 7pm LOL ;-)

Well I will have so set this automatic draft thing on mine as I will miss it- watching the best rugby team at twickenham then straight onto the 02 to see the best metal band the world has ever seen!
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