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Default Game Pass 2011 - UK Blackouts

Hi everyone, wanted to start a specific thread for NFL Game Pass - blackouts in the UK. There has been a number of questions around the blackout policies in the UK as well as which games are / are not blacked out this season. So hopefully this thread can provide some answers as well as provide a thread where subscribers can discuss.

Why has the blackout rules in the UK changed from last season?
The blackout rules are based on the broadcast rights & restrictions in place for the UK. For previous seasons of NFL Game Pass, these blackout rules were not enforced as they were outlined. Therefore, nothing in the broadcast rights & restrictions have changed; however, respecting these rights & restrictions has been clarified and enforced for this season within NFL Game Pass.

Why now?
Because these are the rights & restrictions and NFL Game Pass is required to abide by them.

Which games are blacked out in the UK?
Sunday games aired on SKY Sports are subject to blackouts within Game Pass. ESPN games are NOT subject to blackouts in the UK.

Which Sunday games specifically will be blacked out? When will we know which Sunday games are selected?
Games subject to blackouts are selected as late as 72 hours before Sunday kickoff. However, as soon as we know which games are selected, we will update the NFL Game Pass FAQ.

Where will we be able to find out which Sunday games will be subject to blackouts each week?
We will update the NFL Game Pass Support/FAQ page as soon as we know which games will be selected.

Are Thursday Night, Saturday Night, Thanksgiving or any other games subject to blackouts in the UK?
No, these games are NOT subject to blackouts and will be available within NFL Game Pass.

If I buy NFL Game Pass in the UK, but travel to Europe, would I still have games blacked out or is it only if I actually am watching in the UK?
Blackouts only apply to selected games while viewing in the UK, regardless of where you originally purchased. Therefore, if you're travelling to Europe outside of the UK, games will not be affected by blackouts.

Where can I find out more about blackout rules for Game Pass?
You can find updated information at the NFL Game Pass Support page here:

Feel free to discuss and ask any questions. Any updates, I will update this post.

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