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Originally Posted by charlesp View Post
Only viewing in the UK is subject to blackouts, regardless of where you originally purchased.

Great question, will add this to the original post.
Can we purchase in Oz and watch in UK? If so, I need to call a friend! Regardless of blackouts, it is $100 cheaper.

The other thing you don't specify is Sunday Night games. e.g. the one which starts at 1:30am UK time. Previous years, it has only been the 6 and 9pm games which were blacked out. Is this still the case, or is it now 3 games a week?

Later in the season, if a team plays on Sunday (Which is on Sky) and then again on Thursday, does that mean fans won't be able to watch the 1st game until after the 2nd game due to the 6 day blackout?
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