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Yeah come on. Good game last week but this IS the Bengals. They still have weaknesses, youth and inexperience being one of them. It's a new system still and I still think the Bengals LB corps is very shakey.

They will definately lose against the Bills. The Bills are the Bengals bogey team and although KC were ghastly last weekend - The Bills are very much improved.

49ers also have a fire under them from Jim Harbaugh and it will be very tough to beat them too. Forget about home field advantage. Indianapolis would have sorted a lot of stuff out by the time the Bengals come to them and Kerry Collins is a wiley vet who has played well in every system he's played in.

Jacksonville won last weekend. Luke Mc Cown may not be the answer but they look motivated and are capable.

So don't talk about 5-1 I'd be happy to just get one or two more wins in the next five games
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