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Default Okay let's talk about Tony Romo

This topic is actually a week out of date but I couldn't see another thread where it was being discussed.

Last week Romo probably lost the 'boys the game and the Inside The Huddle Podcast touched on the Good Romo/Bad Romo debate and how polarizing he is. Over the last week I've seen a lot of fans putting the boot in but that's nothing new - the thing that got my attention was hearing that apparently some Cowboys fans are talking about rebuilding and maybe drafting a new QB. I'm sure that's a small minority but are there any Dallas fans on here who are starting to think that maybe Romo isn't your guy?

I've only been following the game a few years and when I first became a fan the way the pundits talked about Romo I figured he was up there with Tom and Peyton. Having watched for a few seasons now I see that isn't the case but the hyperbole has also died away somewhat and I'm seeing more and more fans saying "this guy will never win a Super Bowl".

Romo's not up there with Rodgers, Brady and Manning but I still class him as being not too far behind. Other than those three there's maybe only Drew Brees that I'd pick ahead of Tony Romo. I'd still take Romo ahead of the likes of Eli, Flacco and Rivers

Anyone disagree?
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