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I think Romo is definitely a top 10 QB and part of his inconsistency over the last year or so can probably be put down to the O-line and problems establishing a strong running game. The polarised press reports would not exist if he wasn't playing for one of the "big market" teams. To a degree the headlines are just lazy journalism - it is easy to blame the QB (especially when he is turning the ball over!) rather than look more deeply at the reasons that things are happening.

With regards to drafting a QB... Kitna is decent back-up but clearly not a long term replacement and to be honest, I don't have a firm opinion about McGee's long term viability. There are some very good QB's at college level at the moment and if a deal whereby one of the better QB's could be acquired fell into Jerry Jones' lap then of course he should take it to start working on a post-Romo future whenever that may be. That said, I don't see a pressing need to replace Romo and the sensible option is to get behind him for the next few years and concentrate on the O-line and secondary.

Don't forget it is Jason Garrett's first full year in charge, Rob Ryan is new to the team and there was a restricted pre-season. Under these circumstances blaming everything on Romo can only be a knee jerk reaction. Give all of these components a chance to come together before making a firm judgement.
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