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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Did teams ever really have a chance before the sugar daddy era? There were 11 or so seasons between the Premier League starting and Abramovich buying Chelsea. 3 teams won the league - Arsenal got 2, Blackburn 1 and United 8. Hardly open competition, then. Actually since the Abramovich takeover we've had far less dominance by one club, and indeed 4 different champions. Maybe most of the league has no chance to win the title, but let's not pretend they did beforehand either -the list of champions speaks for itself.

I hate the role of money in football, but you can't blame City or Chelsea or whoever for doing what they're allowed to. It's not their fault the rules are so lacking. I mean, the whole English football system is built on money buying success - do you think football in England would be so competitive without money? It was rubbish in the early 90s compared to Serie A, and that was a time when England had better footballers than today, by and large.
but as far as i can tell wasnt that mainly down to United slowly building a side and having a foundation based on youth?

i have no problem with sensible investment but City/Chelsea really just bought the title, by spending silly sums and on silly wages.

without large spending alot of those seasons were very close (although united did win a couple by large margains.)
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