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Originally Posted by HSTDriver View Post
How much do Chelsea owe Roman?
We were 90 million in debt when he took over. So I'd say just 90 million as all the transfer fees were his prerogative.

You can all thank Jesper Gronkjaer for our success. If he didn't score the winner against Liverpool on the last day in 02-03 we would have been in the UEFA Cup again and Roman only wanted a UCL club from a capital. One of the reasons he turned down offers to take over United and Spurs. We would probably be today's equivalent of Villa or worse if Roman didn't come along. That's why we sing his name when we win trophies, that's why JT and Lamps always get him to lift the trophies too. He comes down to stand with the players and applaud them but JT and Lamps always grab him and let him lift the trophy. Roman really does love the club and is in for the long haul.
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