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Originally Posted by unknown brother View Post
Everybody buys the title. You don't buy players that make you lose!

If United were so special why did they spend 30 million on Rio, 27 million on Rooney, 30 million on Berbatov, they bought Valencia for 16 million and Ashley Young for the stupid price they paid for an insanely right footed left winger? And before then, they spent on Ince, Poborsky, Cantona, etc.

Chelsea and Man City spent to compete and everybody who says it upset the status quo is right.

I'm a Chelsea fan, and with the exception of Torres and David Luiz for a combined 75 million we haven't spent over 50 million in one transfer window since summer 2005, and I always make the point that our sides that won the double in 2009-10 and the Champions League and FA Cup last season were players that had been playing together for 6-7 seasons already. I admit our first title my have been "bought" rather than built but everybody does it and if your club went the same way if it was bought by a "suger daddy" you wouldn't be attacking the "new money clubs".

And the whole balancing the books thing is silly. The first thing Roman did when he took over was wipe the slate clean, so whilst we've been spending we've never been in debt.

It's clubs like Man United, Barcelona and Real Madrid that anger me. They are all in 100s of millions in debt and continue to spend and spend.

At least Chelsea, Man City, PSG and Malaga have no debt.
Arsenal bought Vivas (not sure why that one stands out so much lol)

everyone spends money the difference is the club earn that money.

i mean balancing the books in terms so the club earning money and spending it.

arent united only in debt because cos the glazers buying them? they have no debts related to signings/wages, do they?

dont this rich owners have an iou system , which granted they could write off on a wim.

Originally Posted by unknown brother View Post
We were 90 million in debt when he took over. So I'd say just 90 million as all the transfer fees were his prerogative.

You can all thank Jesper Gronkjaer for our success. If he didn't score the winner against Liverpool on the last day in 02-03 we would have been in the UEFA Cup again and Roman only wanted a UCL club from a capital. One of the reasons he turned down offers to take over United and Spurs. We would probably be today's equivalent of Villa or worse if Roman didn't come along. That's why we sing his name when we win trophies, that's why JT and Lamps always get him to lift the trophies too. He comes down to stand with the players and applaud them but JT and Lamps always grab him and let him lift the trophy. Roman really does love the club and is in for the long haul.
without Roman you would of been Leeds
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