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Originally Posted by nicko2k5 View Post
out D is totally fine... in the draft we need a competive 1st round QB... and thererafter get the o-line sorted out ... then big Larry and co and start pulling the strings between the numbers! and as for our running backs... they are totally fine, once all are fit we have a group of them that can pose a thret to any team!
The only way we are going to have a winning season is sorting the QB position out!!
I really hope we go nowhere near a QB in the first round of this draft, there's really nothing there after Geno Smith, who will go no.1. Even then, not 100% sure about him that high, though if he fell to us, maybe.

We have to go OT in the 1st round, I guess it would either be Loeckel or Matthews from the Aggies. I think Loeckel will be off the board when we pick, so we we probably have to reach for an OL, which I am happy to do in the circumstances.

The RBs we have will never be fine, not ever, none of them will stay healthy consistently. I am sick of having Beanie on this team, he is either not suited up at all or he is not 100%.
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