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Originally Posted by Matt NFL Fan View Post
Yeah I agree it was a mistake to send Perez onto the slicks, and then change for another pair - apparently because he thought he had a puncture. Button realized it wasn't working and changed it, but having said that Perez finished 11th and was only 500ths of a second off a point - which given McLaren's current predicament would have been an excellent result to have both drivers in the points.

The circuit in Sepang throws up yet more questions in a more humid environment on what is a purpose built track. McLaren aren't looking too good but hopefully its like Ferrari in 2012 - off the pace etc but able to consistently pick up points and stay in contention. Hopefully by the time they work out the car and make the changes to make it more competitive they can start competing up the top like Alonso did last year towards the middle of the season.

Who knows, but my guess is McLaren are not where they would like to be until at least race 3 or 4 at the earliest, because as Button put it, its a short turnaround before they fly out to Malaysia and therefore its just analysis of data as opposed to any changes. They will get a good chance to look at the set-up etc in the two week break after the second race.
Im not sure why Mclaren have changed the car so much, it was quick at the end of last season and capable of challenging for podiums and in Hamiltons hands possibly wins so why mess with it, i wonder if it has to do with Button and Perez no being at the same level as Hamilton and therefore looking to mould the car around being more stable but i dont know.

Perez performance was that impressive really he only qualified 15th and finished 11th and that was with Rosberg,Ricciardo,Hulkenburg all dropping out of the race of those that qualified above him he actually only finished above one person that out qualified him which was Vergne in the Toro Rosso and they showed they were only quick in the wet and much slower in the dry.

I agree with the turnaround making improvements difficult and i would also add in the Chinese GP as another one that makes any improvements or upgrades difficult.
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