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Good opening race, early indications suggest to me that it will be Alonso v Vettel again this year. Kimi drove a remarkable race but Im not sure the Lotus appeared to have the pace of the Red Bull or Ferrari, just good strategy and tyre maintainence.

Once the season gets going we will know the pecking order a bit better of course. Looked to me like this was how the cars were looking.

1. Red Bull
2. Ferrari

3. Lotus
4. Mercedes

5. Force India
6. McLaren (I expect them to move up level with Lotus at some point)
7. Sauber

8. Torro Rosso
9. Williams

10. Marussia
11. Caterham

These are the early pace divisions for me, different tracks will suit different cars and development will obviously change matters, but McLaren aside I think this is how it will look all season. With different races seeing different teams excelling but on the whole thats how I saw it in Australia.

Long way to go mind you, could easily be a huge change next week now the teams have competitve data to work with.
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