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Originally Posted by Diamond_Bomb View Post - Turkey is crazy. Seriously they should be kicked out of UEFA if they cannot police their league properly, players and fans should feel safe when they go to a game.
I knew they had issues, but didn't realise how bad until I read that article. Crazy. Didn't realise the Fenerbache coach was doing 100kmh when it was shot either! I thought it was just trundling out of the stadium.

They've had issues for years, and I expect the people in power all have ties to the big Istanbul clubs too (Galatasaray, Fenerbache, and Besiktas). That allegiance probably hinders progress.

Like the article says, despite the money, surely foreign stars will turn their back on the Turkish leagues soon.

If trouble spills over into European competition too, then I think UEFA would be quicker to act.
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