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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
You have lost me here pal, regarding Smith, i thought he was dominant? pro bowler and all ?
I didn't word that very well, sorry. By dominant I meant 'completely' dominant, as in the best in the league dominant. If he's attracting attention from the Cowboys media for being dominant, then in a strange sort of way I saw that as being even better than he was before. He's very good, but he isn't perfect. I don't think anyone can say for sure he is the best OT in the league, but if he is 5% better than last year then perhaps he'll be recognised as the best in the league before the year is out.

Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
Think Mincey desrerves a bit of a deal seeing as how he was really the best D line player last season-but there is a lot of competition even on the rotation set up
He got an extra $500,000 I think. Basically his 'snap' bonuses he missed out on last year. Hopefully he's content with his 'enhanced contract' and will perhaps revisit things next summer.
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