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Everyone has heard the stat by now that the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl 45 were the only team in the last decade or so to have won the Super Bowl not wearing white. But they were also the last team to win having been favourites in Vegas at kick-off. Patriots are in white and currently favourites by 3 points.

On the subject of Vegas: the last 4 Super Bowl winners by margins of 14 points or more were all underdogs at kickoff: Broncos last year, the Seahawks in SB 48, the Giants in SB 42 and the Buccaneers in SB 37.

And the last 3 teams favoured by Vegas by more than 10pts heading into the big game? All lost. The Patriots were 12pt faves and lost to the Giants in SB 42, but they upset the 14pt favourite Rams in SB 36, and the 11pt Packers lost SB32.

Conclusion: the house doesn't always win when it comes to the Super Bowl.
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