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Originally Posted by MCM Titan View Post
So that's no different from any other public space then.

Do you also avoid going to the shops because it's also "an area that's packed full of people who have not been security checked"?

That must make getting a loaf of bread and a pint of milk very inconvenient for you...
Not comparable.

Outside Wembley on game day is like herding sheep....not sure what the supermarkets are like by you but it's nothing like that at shops by me.

Yes..any busy area can be a target...but let's not forget it's an Anglo American event...exactly the 2 main enemies of these people. If they really want to create a statement then surely this is the event to do it at.

The tube comment is a fair one though....i certainly wouldn't feel comfortable at Wembley tune station waiting for the train.
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