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Originally Posted by bobsy View Post
I'm taking a pessimistic view on the Pats this year. Everyone holds us in such high regard but we've been scraping wins all season.
Granted the AFC seems a lot weaker again this season but I wouldn't be surprised if we lose a close one in the playoffs!

If Patriots do make it to the Super Bowl I fully expect it to be a boring blow out (blow out games seem to happen every other Super Bowl anyway so we're due a blow out this year) with whichever NFC team it is dominating the Pats.

I'd like to see the Eagles take it, but if somehow the Seahawks drag them to Seattle then they'll lose there in the cold!
Spot the recent NFL fan. And a Patriots fan to boot! Super Bowls in the last decade or so have often been close. 42 through 47 were all close affairs really, with the pick six in SB 44 making the 14 point win look more one-sided than the game actually was (Colts led going into the start of Q4). SB 48 was the first real blowout since SB37 that the Bucs won.

Also, Philadelphia is almost always colder than Seattle is in winter. In fact, if I had to list all the outdoor NFL cities in terms of how cold they get, Seattle will be far closer to the bottom of the table than it will to the top. It is the NFL city with weather most similar to what we have here - relatively mild winters, most of the time.
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