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Patriots from the AFC and Eagles in the NFC. I still think the Cowboys can do it in the NFC if they have Elliott, but not without him. As things stand it looks like he will be missing games. Gotta say though that if the Saints can keep winning and the Eagles slip up (gotta play the Cowboys twice), I wouldn't fancy going to the Superdome in the playoffs! It is not inconceivable that we get 3 different unfancied NFC South Super Bowl teams in a row.

I think in the AFC I just trust the Patriots more to keep winning than I do the other two teams. The Steelers haven't had a first round bye for 7 years, which tells you that normally they end up dropping enough games to make life hard for themselves. Take last year, they arrived in Foxboro after a home playoff game against the Dolphins and a hard-fought road win at Arrowhead, whereas the Patriots had had a week off and a home game against the Texans. It's hard when you give a team like the Patriots that kind of head start. The only team I haven't fancied the Patriots against has been Denver in Denver, and the Ravens are a team who can often do a job on teams home or away... but little chance of either scenario this year.
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