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Originally Posted by stocksy View Post
Fanatics - not intent with running the online shop badly have taken over the stall on match days and this year was by far and away the worse for anyone wanting merchandise, and whilst I will agree most things you can buy online, a lot of stuff is unique to the day and the queues were far far worse than usual - none of the tents that are usually round the stadium were open, the ones inside were then swamped, people were queuing missing the game. They just got it wrong - then by half time people were still wanting items but the event items were sold out. - its turning down money and the NFL don't like that.
Where did the tents around the stadium disappear to? That's where I usually get any stuff. I was annoyed at that. Did the security zones have an impact on them? I wasn't desperate for anything this year but I told my friend from Seattle I'd try to get her a game-specific cap/bobble hat. They sold out fast online so no choice but to check at the game. I started queuing around 4:30 I guess. I stopped looking at my watch so no idea how long I was there for; I lost count of the number of people who wanted to walk straight through the middle of the queue to pass. At least offer me some of your chips if you're going to be too lazy to walk around When I reached the front the cap had sold out...but the sweet girl let me have the one on display. I've never seen the queues like that inside the stadium before.

Originally Posted by stocksy View Post
I had to give up a pack of chewing gum - as it was "food". ha. ok.
For real? lol I feel like a criminal sneaking in my pack of mints

Originally Posted by stocksy View Post
From the minute you got to Wembley you could just see it was a massive backwards step for how it felt, the energy, set and everything was different.

The energy and atmosphere was due to the changes.
Funnily enough, the guy behind me in the merchandise queue mentioned this about the energy and atmosphere.
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