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A lot of things already acknowledged, but want to agree that it was quite a shambles this year.


Security wise, it was pretty disruptive and felt way over the top. It was also inconsistent, one checkpoint told me to remove my belt and watch, the next one didn't. They made it hard for fans to freely move around and it felt pretty intrusive compared to previous years.

The top part of the concourse was normally accessible before the game and gave people more space to move, food, drink and toilets but now it was all closed off until security opened it when the stadium gates opened, thus confining people to less space in the meantime.


Food outside the stadium, seems like there was far less then usual years. Official tailgate area was completely packed with people and massive queues for every food stand. Around the outer stadium concourse, all the usual food stands were closed.


The merch shop seemed far worse. Instead of having things on display so you could see from a distance, you now had to actually queue and go inside to see what they had as it was all closed off. Again, massive queues.

They could sell so much more merch if they made it easier. I don't know why they can't have separate pop up stands selling just hats etc, or why they got rid of all the smaller merch stores around the concourse.


The fact that the whole area is a building site also ruined things slightly. If you're looking for a iconic view of the stadium, it doesn't really exist anymore as there are luxury apartment buildings going up all around it.

A good thing though is that there is now bud served throughout the stadium instead of carlsberg, and all the serving staff were polite and friendly.
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