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Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
Interesting to read everyone's comments. My wife and I attended games at Twickenham and Wembley last year and my wife was very clear that she was not setting foot in Wembley stadium again as she found the organisation, range of food and drink on offer and general experience to be grossly inferior to Twickenham.

Echoing an earlier point I have been lucky enough to attend a few games in the USA in St.Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay and New Orleans. I agree that I don't think we've yet managed to match the American game experience. A lot of that I think is down to Wembley as a venue - I've never enjoyed Wembley as a venue for football (soccer) either. I'm actually hoping it IS sold, because I think Mr Khan would do a better job of running it.
Interestingly I didn't enjoy the Twickenham experience much at all. From the walk from the station, the lack of decent pubs around the ground and then the ridiculous idea of having fans queue up and have to show their tickets for the Tailgate and there not being enough entrances for this, they did this in the early years at Wembley but that was when games kicked off at 6pm and the gates were open from 10am. Two hours before kick off is just silly and asking for mania. That's before you get me started on the after-game party which was just redzone on a big screen in the rain...

We're not even close to the American game experience, and we probably never will be to be fair. The cultures are too different. I've attended NFL and Division I/II games in the states and the tailgate, for example, is completely different. It's much more of a community/state fair, especially during college games, with localised communities taking part. That isn't going to happen a a major international venue for obvious reasons. What the Tailgate could benefit from in this country and attract more interest is what you find during test match lunch breaks in cricket, and that's NFL personnel (current, former players, execs, famous people within game etc) Q and A's, autograph sessions, the Super Bowl being here for every game for photo sessions etc. At the moment it is basically a huge merchandising tent and a bunch of food and drink trucks that are typical for any major sporting event. That's not a tailgate, that's what you'd expect anyway.

Wembley is indeed a mess, it's currently a huge financial burden on the FA. England don't make anywhere near enough to cover it's overheads and it racked up huge debt with the delayed completion on the stadium. That won't be cleared until 2024 and it's interesting that a potential sale and complete handover would potentially take up to six years. That means the FA knows it's not a profitable venture to run. The big problem with major venues in London is that now there's too many of them. The Olympic Park is start to picking up music gigs again, you've got the o2 which is completely integrated into the music and live entertainment industry and it's relationship with AEG, who are the largest music promoter in the world, means they are the go-to option now for the world's largest stars when touring the UK. Throw in Wembley arena and the multiude of medium to small arenas, it's now infested and there's simply not enough money to go around and the FA are ditching Wembley and clinging onto it's direct profit asset, Club Wembley.
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