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My take may differ to the majority somewhat.
Been going to the games since 2013 and only missed 2, so 14 games.

In the past we got to Wembley approx 1.5-2.5 hours before kick-off. This has been due to new people within the group wanting an extensive look round or due to the state of the public transport we use to get across London.
Sunday i almost miss judged our groups leaving time from home (partly cos its a few years since a 6pm start at wembley) and despite much panic on my part we arrived at Wembley Central just after 17.00.
Not really an issue its a 10 min walk to the stadium, down the high street and past the station.
Get to the road where we normally turn right up to the turnstile area (we then turn left and are at our turnstile) but its only access for a colour zone that isnt ours (which is yellow). Luckily i read the tickets when they arrived so had pre-empted this funneling of people so just followed the signs for "yellow".
The signed route seemed to take us half way round the stadium, passing 2 closed sets of steps that have been used in the past for access higher up. Eventually got to the security gate bit where everyone seemed to be queuing for the first few scanners despite 3 stewards stating there were much shorter queues further down (ours had 3 people in front of us).
Through the security in minutes as we only had to remove phones, then had walk a quarter of the way back the way we came round the stadium to our gate.
Mad crush of people in the concourse getting food etc. but were in our seats with 25mins still left on the kick-off countdown clock.

To many, that all may seem rushed and chaotic (especially if you have kids) and in some ways it was. However, all of our group (late 20s-late 30s) have been going to soccer matches at our respective clubs for years so are used to crowds and arriving shortly before kick off.
The building work around the stadium is a joke and i imagine eventual resident will moan about the stadium being there but that seems to London for you, if there is space theyre building on it.
I used to enjoy being able to wander round the upper walkway around the stadium as its was less chaotic and the merch stalls they used to have there were really useful.
I think having the security before the walkway was better than having it inside the stadium after the turnstiles as this used to cause big hold ups and was more akin to the Twickenham setup, however the space its too confined with all the building work happening.
If people thought getting through security and turnstiles was bad, its nothing compared to what i have every other weekend at Bournemouth (yes bournemouth with its tiny 11,000 capacity stadium) where it takes 10-20 mins to get through the (now) electronic turnstiles. It used to be half that when they were manned and im sure we are the only PL club that searches its own home supporters
Dont do food and drink within any stadium unless im desperately thirsty so prices dont affect me, or the people around me its seems, who came back with multiple drinks and food 2 or 3 times during the game.

Sunday reminded me that i still despise Wembley and that (selfishly) Twickenham is better (we can walk from the car to the stadium which is less confined and chaotic).

As another poster said, perhaps things would be better run if Wembley is sold to Khan though my concern from a soccer point of view is the FA will trouser the money without the reinvestment into the grass roots of the sport.
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