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Originally Posted by Crash11 View Post
Sad that such is the state of Serie A, particularly the situations involving the historically bigger clubs, Juventus have out grown the league. They are light years ahead of the rest both on and off the field. Italian complacency in the mid 90's onwards has led to a crumbling infrastructure, lack of investment and poorly formulated TV deals have led to a horrible lack of competition to Juventus who have gone their own way with great success

But there is plenty of interesting stuff going on away from the usual names suc as the re-emergence of Parma, the continuing growth of Sassuolo and the return of SPAL after years in the wilderness and recent bankruptcy
Yeah it's a real shame. For me, maybe because of the era I grew up in, Serie A is still the league with the most in-depth 'name' value. But these days Juventus are just miles ahead of the rest. And yet they still haven't managed to win the Champions League in this recent era
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